statsWhy market statistics?

The factors of supply and demand control prices
Real Options Realty is a recognized source for the interpretation of residential market statistics in Santa Cruz County. We are often quoted by the media.

Knowing market statistics can help you make informed decisions, because the factors of supply and demand control prices. Now you have access to this information anytime.


Residential Market Statistical Graphs and Explanations

Number of Listings

The Number of Listings shows the supply, or how many properties are for sale. Is the inventory of listings increasing or decreasing, and is it seasonal?

Single Family Home Listings

Condo/Townhouse Listings

Number of Sales

The Number of Sales shows the demand, or how many properties closed escrow. Is the number of sales increasing or decreasing?

Single Family Home Sales

Condo/Townhouse Sales

Unsold Inventory Index

The Unsold Inventory Index is the most important predictor of future price movement. It is the inventory of properties expressed in time, or the current relationship between supply and demand. For example, if there is a 6 – 8 month supply of houses on the market, prices are stable. If there is only a 4 month supply, prices usually increase. If there is a 10 month supply, prices usually decrease.

Single Family Home Unsold Inventory Index

Condo/Townhouse Unsold Inventory Index

Median Price

The Median Price shows the price at which there were an equal number of sales higher than or lower than that price. Have prices been increasing, decreasing, and how fast?

Single Family Home Median Price

Condo/Townhouse Median Price

Average Price

The Average Price shows the sum of all sales prices divided by the number of sales. Have prices been increasing, decreasing, and how fast?

Single Family Home Average Price

Condo/Townhouses Average Price