Lot for sale on Fairmount Avenue, Santa Cruz


The asking price for this residential lot is $395,000. This lot is a “Flag Lot” (Parcel B on the separate Map file), located behind the house at 209 Fairmount Avenue (which is Parcel A on the separate Map file). The location of the Parcel B driveway is to the right of the house in front, when viewing from the street. Parcel B is a total of 7535 square feet, including the driveway; or a net of 5535 square feet not counting the driveway. Parcel B is adjacent to the sound wall along Highway 1.

Viewing is by appointment only with your real estate agent. Do not walk onto the property without your real estate agent, who needs to make an appointment 24 hours in advance, and who has additional information through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The owners live out of the area. The occupants of the existing house on Parcel A are not involved in this sale, and are not to be disturbed.

This lot was created with a minor land division, separating APN 009-161-31 into two separate parcels. The minor land division map was recorded on August 6, 2019 in Volume 63 of Parcel Maps, Page 37, Instrument No. 2019-0022415. The Santa Cruz County Tax Assessor has informed us that they will be assigning APN 009-161-52 to Parcel A, and APN 009-161-53 to Parcel B.