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loans1Need a home loan? Three things you need to know.

The lenders we refer are not only the most experienced and skilled available, but also those our clients have recommended based on their personal experiences.





Ed Gerety
Opes Advisors
133 Mission Street, Suite 210
Santa Cruz CA 95060
831/600-1588 Direct
831/251-7880 Cell
Mark Junod
On Q Financial
36 Seascape Village
Aptos, CA  95003
831/ 661-0720 Direct

Three things to know for home loans

  1. You need to be “pre-qualified” and/or “pre-approved” (know the difference) for a loan before you start looking for a home. You may be competing with other buyers, and if you don’t have your loan in place, you will be at a disadvantage. Start this process now by printing the loan application form.
  2. We refer you to highly experienced and skilled lenders who can get you your best (real) options in financing. We chose these lenders because our clients have had good experiences with them. We do not make money when you utilize the services of the lenders we recommend.
  3. It is to your advantage to use a good local lender whose team knows the territory.
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  • ratesRate History

    There are several indicators used to track interest rates. We choose the FNMA 60- day yield at the recommendation of Mark Junod of MetLife Home Loans

    FNMA is the Federal National Mortgage Association, referred to as “Fannie Mae”. They purchase conforming loans (loan amounts up to $417,000) from lenders on the secondary market, and are one of the largest providers of mortgage money in the nation. The actual interest rate you choose will depend on your choice of the many options available.

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